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Global Footprints Inc. is a multi-industry holding company which was founded in 2015 in the State of Georgia.  Our mission is to harness diversity as a key factor to create value, which provides us with the freedom to make investments across a broad spectrum of industries.

Global Footprints is devoted to providing value and productivity to the clients we serve.

Global Integration

Global Integration serves its clients through the design, implementation and support of software solutions that are innovative.  Through this division, Global Footprints serves organizations by allowing them to focus on managing their mission, objectives and goals.

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Global Footprints works hard to develop meaningful relationships, and approaches its work as a trusted partner that strives to develop a culture of excellence where staff is encouraged to make positive contributions both professionally and personally.

Integration is not a new concept!  Within a business context, integration takes on many forms including the integration of people, business processes, and systems. Usually, an organization will require integration of all of these elements to some extent.  Far too much time is spent finding, extracting and analysing data from various systems to provide stakeholders with the relevant information to make informed decisions.

Global Integration, together with its partner Magic Software Enterprises, has developed and designed Global Integrator which provides the perfect platform  that connects IT systems and applications, enabling you to orchestrate data flows that support your business and program goals. Global Integrator aims to make it fast and easy so you can provide reliable and meaningful information to your stakeholders.

This allows stakeholders to focus on their business, manage projects cost effectively and ensuring their businesses are growing.

Global Integrator is a powerful tool that enables a Service Oriented Architecture that does not just connect services, applications, and data stores within the business, but also supports the ability to extend beyond the business boundaries to the partners of the business.

Equally important, Global Integrator allows businesses to maximize their investment by working on any hardware or operating system.  This functionality and ease of use ensures that Global Integrator will never be obsolete and always works on clients’ existing systems

Global Integration provides enterprises and government organizations with a full range of integration services and solutions for expert planning, management, and implementation of highly complex and customized IT and communication projects.

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